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Bachelorette & Bodily Autonomy: Q & A with JWI's Ariella Neckritz

By Allie Lerner

After last week’s episode, there was a lot of backlash in Bachelor Nation and within our office. Because JWI advocates for the rights of women and girls, especially promoting healthy relationships and bodily autonomy, I decided to interview one of our very own Ariella Neckritz, Manager of Prevention and Training Programs, to discuss her thoughts on last week’s episode.

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The Bachelor Franchise says “Me Too”

By Sasha Altschuler and Erin McMullen

Here at JWI, several of us identify as members of Bachelor Nation, and Caelynn’s disclosure to Colton about her experiences as a sexual assault survivor deeply resonated with us. One in five women are sexual assault survivors, which means one in five women watching the Bachelor are victims of sexual assault. Caelynn’s public confession is more than incredibly brave; it’s an opportunity to open a critical dialogue.

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Tonight, on Bachelor in Paradise: Gaslighting in action!

By Erin McMullen

Here at JWI, many of us identify as devout supporters of Bachelor Nation and we’ve been watching this season of Bachelor in Paradise every Monday and Tuesday. However, we were deeply frustrated last night about Leo’s disrespectful treatment of Kendall that exhibited classic signs of gaslighting.

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