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Meet Our Newest JWI Staff: Rachel Evans

In case you haven’t heard, our Young Women’s Leadership Network keeps getting bigger (did we mention we’re launching in SF in June?), doing larger events, and there are more women leaders than ever (have you heard about our mentorship program, now with 50 women involved?). It’s a great problem to have – really! But since even National Manager Sasha has to sleep sometimes, we realized we needed to ask for a little help. Enter: Rachel, our new YWLN Coordinator!

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Helping Women from Menstruation to Menopause: A Conversation with Vagipreneur Rachel Braun Scherl

By Sue Tomchin

When you plug the word “entrepreneur” into Google you get 791 million results. Rachel Braun Scherl has carved out a unique and gutsy category within this mammoth realm. She calls herself a “vagipreneur™ —an entrepreneur focused on the business of female sexual health and wellness.

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Tikkun Olam and Beyond: What Judaism means to our Women to Watch

The strong Jewish women leaders we feature for Women to Watch come from diverse backgrounds and fields. However, in common they have the Jewish wisdom informs their work - whether in Jewish or secular fields. Values passed down from generation to generation, observance of ritual, and appreciation of our shared history connects the legacy of women honored at Women to Watch.

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What being a Woman to Watch meant to these honorees

Honoring women in our community for the last 18 years has brought inspiration and joy to attendees of Women to Watch. For our honorees, being named a Woman to Watch can be a validation of their hard work, a recognition of their impact on our community, and a time to connect with contemporaries across many fields. Today, it’s ever more important to lift the work of women in our community and celebrate the accomplishments of those around us.

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Over 2,000 people donated to my Facebook fundraiser following the Tree of Life shooting

By Monica Edelman

I don’t know the race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, or personal history of the vast majority of my fundraiser’s donors. In this digital age, for me they are generous little circular profile pictures alerting me of a new donation every thirty seconds. For two days I watched their faces flash and flash, over and over, continually curating new donations on the screen of my cell phone in what was a beautiful slideshow of names, both familiar and foreign, giving what they could to help out complete strangers.

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Why you should absolutely, definitely, avoid the Young Women's Leadership Conference at all costs.

By Susanna Lustbader

Don’t ask me to abandon my bed on a chilly afternoon in early December. After all, I have an appointment with my pillows to hole up with mac & cheese and binge watch an entire season of The Office. Why would I want to surrender my well-broken-in sweatpants for casual office attire, my day of splendid vegetation for a Young Women’s Leadership Conference? 

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How our Women to Watch have seen women's leadership evolve

We asked our former Women to Watch honorees how they’ve seen women’s leadership change over the last decade, and their responses show us how far we’ve come together. There’s still so much work to be done, but by recognizing the incredible women in our community, we’ve marked and honored the legacy of women who came before us.

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Bringing open-heartedness into 5779

By Lori Weinstein

This time of year directs us to turn ourselves inside out, make amends, begin anew – with a fresh gaze and an open heart – all in our life journey to do better and be better. Open-heartedness is the journey of forgiveness. It is spacious and rejuvenating. It enables you to return to your daily battles with renewed vigor, commitment and optimism.

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